About Ali “THE CRE8OR” Abbas
Ali Abbas is the creator of some of the most phenomenal and awarded casemods and functional art in the world. He has an innate talent for bringing his visions to life and transforming his amazing concepts into working masterpieces. Ever since he went to primary school in the north east of England, all the way through the years he spent in Pakistan, as wellas his career in Germany, he always felt the need and passion to tinker, engineer, craft, design and create. It was against this background that his story began to unfold, where certified PC components were at a premium – his inner MacGyver began to grow. As a result, many long hours have been spent over the years scrounging for materials to become centrepieces for his latest creation. Enjoying his creative pastime while his career in IT progressed apace here in Germany, Ali then discovered the German casemodding championships (DCMM). It quickly dawned on him that what was an enjoyable hobby for him, also happened to be a competitive community spanning the globe. Orders started coming in and it was a just a matter oif time till he would settle down to doing it full time. Ali started working for Caseking in Berlin in 2017. Before arriving there, his passion for functional art had already started turning into a full fledge profession. Aside all that, its worth mentioning that when summing together the amount of competitive successes over the period of his life as a functionartist/casemodder, he has clearly become the artist with the most accomplishments and achievements on the world casemodding stage. Ali left Caseking in 2022, but still carries out his skillsand will continue to awe us all with new specataculat projects However, knowing Ali, this is not the end of the line, but merely a segment of the creative road he is following. Who knows what he has in mind for the future. One thing is certain. The sky is certainly not the limit. Or to put it in his words, “Yes, this one turned out well didnt it, but the best is always yet to come”.
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As of 1rst of September 2022, I am no
longer a part of the Caseking/Progamersware Group.
Please contact me personally!