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Wooden Warlock
WDR Casemodding Report 2012
The Black Widow
Renegade, the public enemy
Wicked Widow Set
Swerver Server
PC Reforged
Phenom VS: Venom
Woodstock II
Samurai Sacrilegium Museum 2014
Lansyn Report DCMM 2015
DCMM 2015 Winners Ceremony
DCMM 2014 The Titan Task Force
Ragnar`s Revenge explained
DCMM 2014 Winners Ceremony
The Dark Knight DCMM 2014
D.C.M.M. Colosus World Record
Amazing  Grace
DCMM 2015 Ragnar`s Revenge
DCMM 2015 The 67th Brigade
Dark Knight, Stalagmite & Nanite
Rogue, Asus Dream Machine
POD II The Stronghold
The Insanity In The Vanity Of Fear
Piracy And Prophecy
Piracy And Prophecy explained
Buccaneer Bay explained
Piracy And Prophecy interior explained
The Dark Knight explained
The 67th Brigade explained
Renegade, the public enemy DCMM 2012
Rico Report DCMM 2014
SWR Inpuncto 2012
PC-Welt Report DCMM 2016
BR Portrait April 2016
Museum Ausstellung  Vernissage 2014
Franken Fernsehen 2014
Casemodding in Museum Part 1
Casemodding in Museum Part 2
Casemodding in Museum Part 3
The Aeon Vault (EON Project)
Casemodding in Museum Part 5
Casemodding in Museum Part 4
Deutsche Welle 2016 in English
Modding Masters2016 making of DARKNESS
ARD Morgenmagzine DCMM 2012
Lansyn Charity Event Part 1
Lansyn Charity Event Part 4
Lansyn Charity Event Part 3
Lansyn Charity Event Part 2
Lansyn Charity Event Part 5
Lansyn Charity Event Part 5
Lansyn Charity Event Part 5
Franken Fernsehen  2011 first FF interview